Assault & Violence is any behaviour that causes another person any injury to the body that impedes a person’s health or puts them in constant fear of getting injured. It includes any slight injury – pain or bruising.

If you are alleged to have assaulted someone, the court may consider:

  • The level of damage suffered by the victim;
  • The situation in which the incident occurred;
  • Any admissions made at the time of arrest; and
  • Parties’ intentions during accident.

Some of the common charges relating to assault & violent behaviour are:

  • Assault, including sexual assault, unlawful assault and common assault;
  • Causing injury or serious injury;
  • Homicide, including manslaughter and murder;
  • Aggravated burglary or robbery (theft with violence or the threat of violence); and
  • Threats to kill or inflict serious injury.

Penalties for committing assaults or violent behaviour include – community corrections, fines, imprisonment and paying compensation to your victim.

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Assault & Violence