It is our aim to help people resolve their family disputes and achieve safe, manageable and child helpful arrangements and includes assisting parents to build capacity to resolve future possible disputes. It encourages people to agree on arrangements without going to court.

There are various areas which are covered under Family Law:

  • Child protection – It is important that individuals affected by decisions of child protection system are supported to participate, or have a voice, in decisions that affect them, have their rights protected and upheld and are treated fairly and according to law;
  • Child support – cases where a separated person is unable to adequately support themselves and their former partner has capacity to pay;
  • Family dispute resolution – in order to meet the best interests of the children of separated families; and
  • Family violence – for safety of adults and children impacted by family violence.

Roman Lawyers have many years of skills and experience in dealing with family law matters, please do not hesitate to contact us for a private meeting.

Family Law