Wills & Estates have rapidly become a larger area of practice mainly because of aging population. A Will and Estate Planning let you to direct how you would like your assets or estate to be distributed in the event something happens to you.

Wills and estate planning are very important for financial independence throughout life, in order to protect assets and ensure the execution of financial assets into the future.

If a person passes away without making a will that person is said to have died intestate and that person’s property is distributed according to legal regulations, regardless of what the property owner’s wishes might be.

If you have a will and estate planning, it assists in:

  • Asset protection;
  • Taking care of your loved ones;
  • Business succession planning;
  • Estate litigation;
  • Legal crisis management;
  • Living wills;
  • Private charities and charitable gifts;
  • Probate and estate administration;
  • Superannuation;
  • Tax and tax planning;
  • Trusts.

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Wills & Estate