Commercial property conveyancing is a process through which the title to commercial property is transferred from a seller to a buyer. It starts with negotiating the contract of sale and ends after the transfer has been appropriately registered.

It is important that these transactions are managed by conveyancing solicitors who can manage financial risk involved in huge transactions and also provide quick processing.

The process of conveyancing of commercial property is as below:

  • The execution of the contract of sale – includes details of the property, price and other terms;
  • Searches and inspections – includes title search, zoning search etc;
  • Financing – how the financing of the property will be done;
  • Pre settlement – pre-settlement inspection to check the condition of the property;
  • Settlement – exchange of legal documents on both sides; and
  • Post settlement – access to the property and items related as such (keys, garage remotes etc.) are handed over to the buyer.

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Commercial Property Conveyancing