Probate is the process of proving and registering the last Will of a deceased person in the Supreme Court. In cases of a death of a person, someone has to deal with their estate. If someone is appointed as an Executor in a will, then it is a must that they obtain a grant of probate. A grant of probate is obtained from the Supreme Court of Victoria and is a legal authority which proves a will to be valid and enables the person named as executor to administer the estate and distribute the estates assets to those beneficiaries named in the will.

Probates usually contain:

  • A complete list of the deceased’s assets and liabilities; and
  • An affidavit of the executor / administrator which contains evidence of their lawful distribution of the estate.

It may also contain:

  • A will (original or copy) of the deceased;
  • Affidavits of attesting witnesses; and
  • Supporting documents providing proof of death and accounts relating to the estate of the deceased.

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