A drug offence is an offence that involves a lawfully prohibited drug and penalty imposed on you will depend on the quantity of prohibited drug you dealt in. Drugs such as one mentioned below carry greater penalties than morphine or cannabis – also known as marijuana (20 years jail term for supplying).

  • Amphetamines (speed);
  • Cocaine;
  • Heroin (25 years maximum jail term for supplying);
  • LSD; and
  • Ecstasy or MDMA.

You can be charged with offences under a category mentioned below:

  • Use – It means consuming the drug into your body;
  • Possess – If you have physical control or custody of it;
  • Cultivate – If you re sowing, planting or growing the contraband, even if it is for personal use (less than 10 plants) there is a penalty of financial, jail term or both; and
  • Trafficking – Selling, manufacturing or offering for sale, it is the most severe offence and can carry up to 25 years of jail term or $750,000 fine or both.

Based on the quantities of drugs involved – higher the amount possessed or trafficked, higher the penalty.

Drug Offences