Letters of administration is a court order. It allows you to administer (divide and hand out) the assets left behind by the person who died without a valid Will. The application for a letter of administration should be filed within 6 months from the date of the deceased. Otherwise, an explanation must be given to the court explaining the delay.

In most cases, the person who tends to inherit the largest part of the estate requires to apply to be the official administrator. They can be:

  • Husband or wife or defacto spouse;
  • One or more children;
  • Other next of kin, if there are no children;
  • A Trustee & Guardian; and
  • Any other individual Court deems fit.

There are a few ways to obtain a grant. You may either:

  • Authorise a solicitor to act on your behalf;
  • Authorise a trustee company to act as an executor, or
  • Personally make the application.

Roman Lawyers have expertise in preparing letters of administration, please contact us with your needs and requirements.

Letters of Administration