Grandparents can help raise children post-separation as it a very important task. Grandparents are aware of the roles and responsibilities and have been parents themselves. They understand the effects of changes in children’s lives and foster a close and stable bond.

Unfortunately, the relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren can sometimes be interrupted by the child’s parents divorce or separation. You can apply for court order to live with your grandchildren through:

  • Applications to spend time with the grandchildren; and
  • Applications to obtain parental responsibility for the children and orders relating to who the children will live with.

In making a decision relating to parenting, the Court regards the “best interests of the child” as a paramount consideration. Grandparents can apply for access or custody of the grandchild if the parent is:

  • Unable or unwilling to care for the child;
  • Lacks the ability to care for the child;
  • Experiencing significant mental health issues;
  • Using drugs; or
  • Abusing the child.

Please contact us if you are a grandparent seeking access to a child.