A Will is a written document that says what you desire to happen to your property after your death. It provides instructions for an individual or an organisation who is managing your property about how this should happen.

Any person over age of 18 can make a Will as long as they are mentally sound to understand what they are doing.

A person under 18 can only make a Will if they:

  • Are married; and
  • Get a court order to authorise making a Will.

Below are some of the estate you can include in your will:

  • Assets such as house, car, shares, land or property;
  • Power to appoint a trustee or an attorney; and
  • Specific personal items such as – personal papers, letters, photos, jewellery etc.

However, there are certain things you can’t include in your will:

  • Property owned as joint tenants;
  • Assets from your superannuation or insurance fund; and
  • Assets that are held in family companies or trusts.

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